What Parents and Students Say about Violin Lessons

Suzuki Violin lessons

Parent Comments

When my then 4 and half years old boy said he wanted to learn how to play violin, I was quite skeptical. Although he was a bright boy, he was also a very rambunctious boy. I googled and found Davenport Suzuki Violin website. He was very encouraging starting at the young age. There are several things I like about his teaching style.

One, he always tries and experiments different ways to make the learning experience better with my boy. He knows that there is no one size fits all when it comes to teaching kids. Two, he is very patient and positive. His positive feedback works always with my boy because it is genuine and the energy is almost visible. Three, even though his lesson time is fun and positive, he does not give in to kids. It has been especially important to my boy who can be easily distracted. He can certainly have little chats with my boy, but he brings him back to the lesson no time.

Also, it has been wonderful experiences for myself as well learning music basics and meeting great families of other pupils. I truly feel my son and I am a part of Suzuki community.

-Geo’s mom

Mr. Davenport is an exceptional teacher. He started working with our daughter when she was 3 years old. He spends a great deal of time working on the fundamentals to ensure the foundation is solid. He is able to balance structure, discipline and enthusiasm – it has been a great experience for our family. We look forward to many years of taking violin from him and would recommend the Davenport Suzuki Violin Studio to anyone interested!  VERY satisfied customers

-Emma’s dad

Eric is a great teacher. He is very professional and devoted to his teaching.

My 8 years old son has been learning violin with Eric for 2 years. He enjoys the private lesson as well as group lesson every week. Both private and group lessons are so much fun for him.

Eric also does fun things like Halloween performance which students play violin with their favorite costume. We also had picnic party at the park which was fun too.

I will highly recommend Eric to the parents who also like to devote to your child for violin.

-Yuuna’s mom

Parent Comment on Play-in Service Project

I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to you for Saturday! Yunna loved it very much.

He was playing outside with his friends until we left home on Saturday.  He was saying, “he wants to play with his friend. He doesn’t want to go.”  But once he saw you playing the violin, he jumped out of the car, grabbed his violin and rushed to you.

After playing, he said, “I love violin.”

That was great to hear for me.  Thank you sooooooo much for this opportunity and all the effort for Yuuna!!!

Yunna’s mom

Parent Conference Comments

I like spending time together with my daughter and getting the feeling of accomplishment.

I like seeing the growth and pride that both my children show.

I like seeing my son’s improvement!

I like hearing my son master new pieces.

My child has fun-loves it! She can see hard work pays off.

This has been a tremendous experience–lots of fun for both my daughter and myself. A big thank you!

We like Mr. Davenport, Group Class, and the other parents.

My children have accomplished patience, value of hard work, practice skills.

My son loves to come to Group Class.

My child is motivated by playing together in a group.

What are some skills your child gained or accomplished this past year?




Following Instructions

Work on something on his own

Consistently work on something to reach a goal

Ability to confidently perform in a group

Better violin techniques

And some students say~

The thing I like best is that through playing the violin I am fulfilling a dream.

When I just can do something I’m asked to.

I really improved my intonation.

I like to play for others at Halloween and other times.

I love group class!

I learned to do something that others can’t do.