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Suzuki Dads: Happy Father’s Day!

Suzuki Dads are fun…

Sit with the kids and have a little fun today!


 Suzuki Dads are serious…

Training vs Education

Dr. Susan Baer, a violinist and Suzuki violin teacher in Washington state pays tribute to her father [ Galaxy of Stars page of the Suzuki Association of Americas website.]

My father taught me that there’s a difference between training and education.

Training allows us to cultivate a certain set of skills in order to perform a specific task.

Education teaches us to think and to synthesize ideas.

My father wanted me to have both.

This, I think, is what Dr. Suzuki wished for all children. He wanted each child to have the benefit of excellent training so that he/she would become a skilled musician. He also wanted each child to be educated so that he/she would become a thinking human being, able to recognize beauty in all things.

Sincere thanks to all the fathers in our Suzuki studio who have the role of either the teaching parent or the support parent! It just doesn’t work as well without you.

Father’s Day “embraces our grandfathers, our uncles, our husbands—any male figure who has provided a warm lap, a comforting shoulder, a firm hand, a word of sage advice, or a path to follow. That’s a lot to celebrate!” Dr. Susan Baer