A studio based on Suzuki methods, materials, and structure

Suzuki violin

Private individual lessons are where student’s individual skills are introduced and refined. During the lesson in my home studio, the parent learns how to be the “home teacher” – learning the tips and techniques to strengthen technical skills and nurture the student during home practice. Watching Eric teach and scheduling an orientation meeting will give you a good idea about lessons and the Suzuki Method.

During the private lesson, the parent plays a key role  by observing and taking notes.  Videotaping the lesson is encouraged to remember better what to teach at home.

Questions that arise at home are easily answered by reviewing the video.  There are few other experiences a child will have in which she or he will receive a lesson focused so intently on individual needs.

Weekly group rehearsals/classes

A Suzuki studio dedicated to developing the highest quality performers also provides for weekly group rehearsals or classes in addition to weekly private individual lessons. Group class reinforces skills taught during private lessons.

Also,  group class incorporates Music Mind Games to teach theory and reading skills. Group classes give students a chance to play for each other, learn ensemble skills, and prepare for recitals.  From time to time the group rehearsal may be used for Service Performances in the community.

Group rehearsals/classes also provide for social interaction of students and families as the Suzuki studio becomes a Suzuki family, a community where cooperation, not competition, flourishes.

Group Rehearsals/classes are held on Thursdays between 5:45 and 8:00 PM.  Group class may last from 30 minutes to 45 minutes depending on age and playing level. Your child will be scheduled depending on book level and the child’s age. Because the group of students and parents requires space, classes are held off site.


This is a vibrant studio in which students participate in many performances each year.

Students grow in skills and in character when they perform for others.  Therefore, our studio holds service performances throughout the year, entertaining senior citizens.  In addition, we take the opportunity to perform for the community; past performances were at the Reston Town Center at the Hyatt Gingerbread House, Pitango Gelato, Bow Tie Theater, and Minnesota Custard.

Our studio holds two private recitals, fall and spring, to which extended families, friends, and neighbors are invited.  At these recitals, students perform both solo and as a group.

I would love to meet you and your child to show you the possibilities for learning to play the violin.

Schedule an orientation and observation

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