Suzuki Baby music class

Prepare your child for future music lessons

Prepare Your Child for  Future Music Lessons


Eric Davenport Suzuki Baby Music

Davenport Baby Music Class – Our youngest experience up close to a real xylophone! Hear the beautiful tone?

What readiness skills are needed for lessons on a musical instrument

If you are thinking of  starting music lessons in the future for a child under 5, there is this awesome program that will prepare your child.

Our Suzuki Early Childhood Education music class has the perfect environment for your baby or toddler up to age 4.  Our baby music class helps prepare the child for a successful experience in music lessons.

So, if you are thinking of starting lessons, this class will give your child all the readiness skills for lessons (and for school!).

What types of skills does a child need to start lessons:

listening skills
paying attention
letting a teacher direct him or her
following directions
hand and finger dexterity
keeping a beat
a good memory

These skills are developed in the Suzuki Baby & Toddler class. They are also school readiness skills and the same ones needed for all future learning. (Keeping the beat is part of language development!)

At class, you may not notice huge changes in your baby or toddler from one lesson to another. What you will see are gradual increases in all of the skills necessary for private music lessons.

Beyond the Basics

Most importantly, this class has NO pressure to perform. Neither the teachers nor the parent push a child to do anything. The child has opportunities to watch other children in this loving and nurturing environment.

When a child is ready, he or she will do the activities with joy. This is also the Suzuki philosophy. We don’t pressure, we nurture.

We also know that a very young child can be taught!  As Dr. Terry Brazelton said babies aren’t lumps of clay.  They are powerful.

Our Suzuki Early Childhood Education music class goes beyond the very basics. We teach the ability to keep the beat and then also to distinguish between tapping a beat and tapping to the rhythm.

We teach musical concepts, yes, and also language and pre-reading skills, numbers, physical coordination, and social and emotional skills.

Eric Davenport Suzuki Baby Music

Davenport Baby Music Class – Children count drums at every class.

What happens in a Suzuki baby & toddler music class?

The class features action songs, rhymes, stories, free dance, movement in a circle, finger play,  and authentic instrument playing. You and your little one participate in hands-on musical play that will reinforce all areas of development.

Parents and infants together learn to play the percussion instruments. Every class will include a read-aloud story and opportunity for children to choose a book to read with mom or dad.

Over time, the class forms a musical community, one that you and your baby or toddler are part of!

Two Trained Teachers

Who knew babies could learn so much at such an early age?  We did!

That’s why the Suzuki class is so special.  Unlike in other baby music classes, the Suzuki Early Childhood Education class has two trained specialists. This was planned purposely by Dorothy Jones when she created this Suzuki program.

First, the presence of 2 teachers gives them the opportunity to run a class very efficiently, to be able to help parents or children when needed, as well as to observe the learning taking place and share it later with parents.

Secondly, the teachers are highly trained. Jeanne has 60 hours of training and Eric has 90 hours.

This class is fun for baby and parent with a major dose of learning and instruction!

“Watch your baby and trust that baby to tell you when you’re on the right track and when you’re not.” Dr. T. Berry Brazelton

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