Starting violin lessons

Steps to join the studio

We are excited to have you consider joining our vibrant studio.  This is what you should do to find out more about us:

Observations and Orientation

1. I invite both you and your child to observe classes of a student who is of similar age. Your child will get to see me working with other children, which is always a good introduction to a new teacher. Please contact me to arrange for a time to observe lessons.

2. Parents interested in joining our program should contact me for a parent-only orientation to become familiar with the Suzuki Method and our program.

3. New students may be accepted into the studio after the parent has had the opportunity to observe lessons and attend an orientation.  Both are important so that the parent(s) can see firsthand what it is like to become a member of a Suzuki studio.

Our Program

*  Our school goal is to be a community of musicians and musical families.

* The curriculum includes both a weekly Individual Lesson and a Group Class.

* There are about 25 Group Classes from September to May which meet Thursday evenings.

*  Instrument instruction may begin as early as age 2 1/2 for some and is encouraged  before the age of 7.  The studio will accept children older than 7 as well as transfer students.

*  Summer lessons are required.  You must sign up for 6 lessons in the summer, but you may take 8.  Some students take 2 lessons a week during the summer months. If you want more than 8 lessons, ask your teacher about those arrangements.

Performing for others is a key part of a Suzuki program.  We have two recitals scheduled for the year which give your child the motivation to practice to prepare to play in front of an audience,  the satisfaction of sharing their skills, and the confidence to perform.

*  Begin to listen to the CD in Suzuki Violin School Volume 1 Violin Part Revised Edition with CD, from 1 to 2 hours a day.

*  We expect that a student who joins our studio will make a commitment for the full year. The violin is a challenging instrument to learn to play.  So your child can say, “I play the violin; what is your super power?” they will need instruction and time to develop skills.

Studio Policies

Studio policies for 2017-18 are included in the welcome package.


I look forward to meeting you and your child and discussing the possibilities for your child’s Suzuki violin education.

To schedule an observation or an orientation, call Eric Davenport at 1-703-282-8837 or email

You can also click here to go to my contact page.