I love to practice!

Who wouldn’t want to hear those words?  Gone are the days of banishing a child to his or her room to practice!  Today’s parents are more involved with their children.  Ask a parent and he or she will say that they want to be part of the progress, part of the joy of seeing their child develop.

If parents can make practice as enjoyable as possible so that their child sees progress,  that child will learn so many life lessons.  Starting early in their life, they can experience the rewards of perseverance, self-discipline, goal-setting, delayed gratification, patience.

The following ideas from the Suzuki Association of America will help keep parents motivated, helping to give their child the best experience possible.   According to Suzuki,  very young children should “practice three minutes, five times a day, with joy.”  When put that way, who couldn’t plan for that?  Of course, as the years progress, you will have other tricks at the ready to keep your child’s eye on the prize.


Practice ideas from the Suzuki Association

The main point of practice is spending time with your child with joy!

Be consistent.  Some find 10 minutes before school is the perfect time.

Use the expression, in our family.  “In our family we practice every day.”  “This is what we do in our family.”

Don’t worry about perfection.  We want our children to learn that life isn’t about doing things perfectly, but about trying new things and embracing challenge.

Practice time doesn’t have to be measured in minutes.  You can teach your child that reaching a goal accomplishes the task.

Suzuki wisdom of learning is encompassed in his saying: “Move slowly and never stop.”  Make the goal reachable and stop before the child is ready to stop.  He’ll want to start up again the next day. He won’t stop.

Lengthen practice time gradually as the child gains strength and stamina and as more concepts are added.

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“Any child can be developed.  It depends on how you do it.”  Shinichi Suzuki