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What is the Suzuki environment?

What did Dr. Suzuki mean by environment? When Dr. Suzuki first began to develop a system for teaching children to play the violin, he came to the conclusion that every child had the ability to play the violin.  That was really a shock to most people who had felt only certain children were born with […]

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Happy 4th of July 2017!

Happy Birthday, USA! A Capitol Fourth, July 4th, 2017, is always a good website for information and links to the events in DC. Suzuki students know the benefits of listening to music.  Why not add John Philip Sousa to your list? Listen to John Philip Sousa’s Patriotic Marches. He wrote 135 marches.  “Stars and Stripes Forever” top […]

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4 Reasons: The violin, great choice for first instrument

Taking music lessons helps children in many ways such as improving math, comprehension, and problem solving skills.  When parents are thinking of starting their child on a musical instrument, which one should they think about? Out of all the musical instruments to choose from, why choose the violin? Here are 4 reasons why the violin is […]

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Kids don’t like to be ordered around: what to do about it.

I can’t speak for you, but many adults don’t like to be ordered around either. If you try to look at the world from a child’s point of view, you find they are ordered around all day long—most of it for good reason. We have to keep them safe and healthy, teach them life skills […]

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It’s easy to raise musical kids!

Raising Musical Kids: A Guide for Parents, Robert Cutietta Cutietta believes that NOW is a time when it’s easier to raise musical kids than ever before. He talks about “the challenges, joys and importance of getting the best possible music education for children.” From the many ideas in his book, two stand out: listening to good […]

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A Process for Practice

Musicians and teachers are keenly aware of the importance of practice without which the best intentioned student or parent will see little progress.  In her book,  Rosindust, Cornelia Watkins begins by reporting a conversation with a frustrated student about her practice. When Watkins asked the student what she thinks about while she practices, the student responded, […]

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Thoughtless Repetition -bad & ugly!

Repetition is fundamental, but bad and ugly? One of my favorite Suzuki violin podcasts is the Teach Suzuki Podcast by Paula Bird.  Dr. Bird is an accomplished professional violinist and pianist, a college professor, and a private Suzuki teacher in Texas. The episode, “Reflections-Repeatedy Aiming for Better Things” discusses “the importance of perfect repetition in order to build good habits […]

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Suzuki Love!

Our studio supports and uses the Suzuki Method for teaching violin! For so many reasons, it works. Because of this method, very young children learn to play one of the most capricious and difficult instruments.  How can this be?  It is because Dr. Shinichi Suzuki analyzed how to play the violin and how young children learn their […]

The Gift

What gift?  The gift that helps your child develop intellectually:  learning how to play a musical instrument. One of the most capricious instruments is the violin. Yet children, even young ones, can learn.  Here are some points to keep in mind to make sure your child reaps the full benefits of Suzuki music lessons. Practice Practice every day!  […]

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Suzuki Alumni Project: Suzuki Kids as Pros

A Celebration of the Suzuki Method Professional musicians from around the world want to share the pride of their roots through The Suzuki Alumni Project. The project is the brainchild of siblings Yumi and Nick Kendall. Their grandfather, John Kendall, was a pioneer of The Suzuki Method in the United States. Nick Kendall said that his […]