Welcome to the Davenport Suzuki Violin School

The Davenport Suzuki Violin School uses the Suzuki method of teaching violin to beginning students as well as to transfer students who are interested in focusing on developing balanced posture (including violin and bow hold), balanced tone, and perfect intonation.  As techniques and skills are perfected practicing the Suzuki repertoire, a student’s level of play will be consistent and  will grow.  The studio is located in Northern Virginia with easy access from areas of Ashburn to Great Falls.

Contact Eric Davenport to schedule an orientation and observations of violin lessons or for more information.

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  • Parking Instructions

    Ample parking can be found on Autumn Ridge Circle right past the entrance to Woodcrest.  There is a trail on the right on Autumn Ridge Circle about 50 feet beyond the Woodcrest sign.  Park close to that trail and follow it to the parking lot and the studio.

    More details on where to park: Click here.