If you stick with the violin, where will it take you?

Violin! To the Super Bowl?

Dr. Seuss tells you where your violin will take you:  “Fame you’ll be famous, as famous as can be, with everyone watching you win on TV….”  You just never know where your violin will take you.  Stick with it for the long haul.  There are so many advantages to the discipline of studying the violin, not the least of which are the opportunities that lie ahead.

Click here to read The Washington Post article on the Super Bowl 50 halftime appearance of members of the Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles.  We are always advocating for support for classical music, and the 2016 Super Bowl was the opportunity to showcase talented young people playing violins–on stage–with Chris Martin of the rock band, Coldplay.

“For anyone eager to see classical music take its place on the same playing field as other art forms in our society, it was a signal, and delightful, satisfaction,” says Anne Midgette of The Washington Post.

The video gives a glimpse behind the scenes with the Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles as they rehearse for the Super Bowl.  Can you feel the excitement in these young people?  They will never forget Super Bowl 50!


“Things may happen and often do to people as brainy and footsy as you.”  Dr. Seuss