Suzuki Summer Institutes: Why go?

A Suzuki Summer Institute! It is a wonderful way to bring your child into the company of other children and parents who share your vision.

Many Institutes have a family camp atmosphere making the experience one your entire family can enjoy together.  In these hurried days, it would be pleasant to take a week off to enjoy each other while learning and growing in Suzuki.  You will have the opportunity to focus on your child, to enjoy this experience together, to make memories.

At an Institute, you will be refreshed and renewed, knowing that the Suzuki violin program you are taking is right for your child.  There are wonderful performances to attend where you and your child can see the possibilities that lie ahead.  You can join in with helpful parent talks to learn new ways to support your child.

The final concert at many Institutes includes all the students–an exciting experience.

I have attended many Institutes all over the United States and one in Lima, Peru—some with the Family Camp atmosphere and some not.  One of my favorites for the family atmosphere is the American Suzuki Institute at Stevens Point, WI.

Click on the photo for a video of one of the large gatherings at Stevens Point!

American Suzuki Institute


I truly believe you and your child would leave a good Suzuki Institute and talk about returning the next summer.

In case I haven’t given you enough reasons to attend a summer Institute, the Suzuki Association of Americas lists 25 reasons why you would want to go.

Joseph Chapman, who writes a blog at says, “One’s creative endeavors, especially as a child or adolescent, aren’t easy to maintain. But the right support structure, even if it’s only for a week or two, can nourish an aspiring artist throughout the year.”


Some Family Camp Atmosphere Institutes

The American Suzuki Institute at Stevens Point, WI.

The Ithaca College Summer Institute (Pre-Twinkle Variations and above)

The Virginia Suzuki Institute ( Has a special program for those in Pre-Twinkle through Lightly Row)

The Blue Ridge Suzuki Camp (Not an affiliated Suzuki Institute, but an established camp held at Orkney Springs)

The Blue Lake Suzuki Family Camp in Michigan.

Local Institute

Not a Family Camp atmosphere, but locally the Greater Washington Suzuki Institute is held at Woodrow Wilson H.S. in DC.

All Summer Institutes

Click here for the list of all institutes throughout North America.

“Taking a week to spend immersed in music is well worth the time and money. As a child, seeing the wide ranges of players at camp helped inspire me to practice harder and become a better player.” Alexandra Ostroff, a Suzuki Teacher in Training