Da da da dum! Beethoven!

Tom Service writes about music for the British newspaper, the Guardian. In this video, he points out characteristics of Beethoven that are amusing, entertaining, and educational.  Service’s description of Beethoven: “wild eyes, crazy hair, deaf and the single monument of classical music.”

You will enjoy hearing bits of typical Beethoven mixed in with Service’s descriptions.

Service gives interesting tidbits:  Beethoven’s father tried to “pass him off as a 7-year-0ld when he was actually a teenager” so the young man would be thought of as a protégée.

Watch and learn something about his music that you might not have thought of before.

Planning on learning more about a composer this summer?  Use this video for a good resource.

Photo credit: favitia / Foter / CC BY

Only the pure in heart can make good soup.  Ludwig van Beethoven