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What about the first 1000 days of life?

What parents say about our class

Imagine the difference you can make in your child’s life when you give them the best environment during their 1st 1000 days.

Imagine how it’s going to feel as you watch your child grow each week in music, language & social skills. Do you know how rare that is for a parent?

If you want to know your child better than you ever thought you could, then this class is for you.

14 month old

Even when my son is having a clingy day, he would leave my arms to take his turn to play the drum and xylophone.  And he wouldn’t miss counting drums.

2 year old

My 2 year old was doing “up and down” again by herself. She claps and sings some of the songs like “Rain Rain” quietly. She was jumping up and down when playing with shakers. She always tries to figure out the motions, studying carefully. Very independent in coming up for her turn and taking directions.

18 month old

My 18 month old shook hands with other children and adults independently during the “Good Morning” song. He marched and stopped in a circle when walking to a beat.

Pop goes the weasel!

One of my daughter’s favorites.  When she was 12 months, we sang Pop in class and then she began to enjoy her Pop goes the weasel toy at home. She was afraid of spiders but singing and watching Eency Weency spider going up the rain stick has made them not so scary.

6 month old

My 6 month old was very active during class today. He wanted to participate with the mallets and enjoyed looking around and watching others. He reached for the ball when it was his turn during ball rolling and tried to clap with us.

15 month old

We like the repetition of the songs in class.  It helps my daughter and me learn the songs and rhymes. I can sing them at home too.

Lollipop drum

When my son plays the lollipop drum, he likes to watch the others march around in the circle to HIS beat.  He realizes he has control of the room!

17 month old

The best age 1-4 class to prepare me and my child for instrument lessons.

2 year old

SECE is such a wonderful nurturing program. Its emphasis on a calm learning environment, repetition, and mastery are what makes it so good. My daughter has been well-prepared for private music lessons.

Criss Cross Apple Sauce

This is one of my son’s favorites.  He laughs when I move my fingers up his back. 

Davenport Suzuki Baby & Toddler Music Class

Those 1st Thousand Days!

The 1st thousand days of a child’s life is the time of critical brain development. Here is the window of opportunity for your baby. It is a time for physical, intellectual, and emotional growth.

Of course, the count begins 9 months before baby is born and nutrition is most important at this time.

How to make the most of these 1000 days after birth?  Provide a sense of security in a nurturing, supportive environment to lay a foundation of confidence. Then provide really good opportunities for your baby and toddler to learn.

Our environment is nurturing and encouraging.

When it comes to fun & learning, we create the best interactive music environment for you & your child.

We have loads of touch and play and do activities that engage their minds and imagination. You’ll see and do things you can’t find in any other class for children ages zero to 4.

Before signing up for a class, watch The Suzuki Early Childhood Experience video below.  You will find out all about the benefits of this class for you and your child.

The Suzuki Early Childhood Experience

The Suzuki Baby Music is not like any other class you will find. Before you sign up for the free introductory class, please watch this video, The Suzuki Early Childhood Experience.  It has a complete explanation of what to expect and what it is all about.

We think you will be very pleasantly surprised!

Davenport Suzuki baby music class

What Your Baby Will Do in Class

Play real musical instruments, not toys, with beautiful tone.

Sing authentic action songs & nursery rhymes. Focus listening on the triangle, glockenspiel, xylophone, or wood block.

March, twirl, dance to music

Calmly wait their turn because they trust us.

Count often & in other languages spoken in class

Listen to a story each week and choose a book to read with parent

Look at board books while mom or dad writes in personalized journal

2 trained Suzuki ECE teachers

Enjoy Ridgetop Coffee & Tea and Indoor Play Area after class

Davenport Suzuki Baby Class

Our Suzuki Music Class

Tuesdays, 10:30 -11:30 am • Sept. 4, 2018 to June 11, 2019

Riverside Church, Sterling VA

Ages 0-4; each child brings a grown-up

Introductory class is free • Babies under 7 months attend free; pay only $30 for CD to play at home & journal

12 week session is $276. We offer payment by check, cash or Zelle.

Expectant parents are invited for a complimentary observation & to learn more about music for the preborn. Focus now on The 1st 1000 days!

Babysitting for sibling $5 for the hour. We need a minimum number of children to provide this service.

Eric Davenport Suzuki Baby Music

Prepare for Instrumental Lessons

Interested in violin lessons for a 2 1/2 or 3 year-old?

Our Suzuki ECE class ensures a successful beginning to formal music lessons.

A child in this class develops self-confidence & focus, follows directions, and understands real musical instruments.

Davenport Suzuki baby music class

Research in Early Childhood Music

Formal research proved Dr. Suzuki’s ideas to be true.  Suzuki’s Books contain his philosophy of eduction and knowledge of learners:  Ability Development from Age Zero & Nurtured by Love

Some current research supporting Dr. Suzuki’s beliefs. David W Gerry, Doctoral Thesis

In Developmental Science.  A study that shows that when parents are actively involved & materials are appropriate for infants, musical training can profitable being early in infancy. A study using The Suzuki Early Childhood Education approach.

In Science Daily: Babies brains benefit from music lessons

CBS News: Got Rhythm? Study ties keeping a beat with language skills.

Telegraph UK:  Play Mozart to keep babies happy in the womb