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What if my child is fussy during class?

If you have a baby or toddler, you can expect almost anything! If your child is not settled in yet or wants to run around, parents calmly take their child outside of the classroom for a few moments. We have a lobby area right outside the door where you may find a few minutes will be all you will need. We are happy to accompany you and reassure you. Because environment is so important to learning, we want a calm and safe place for the entire class.

Why do we rotate the same songs and rhymes every two weeks?

Another key to the Suzuki Method is Mastery. We know how much very young children love repetition; “Read it again!” “Sing it again!” The Suzuki philosophy believes that children are telling us their learning depends on repetition. This music class is one that doesn’t depend on entertainment through variety, but on learning with added layers through the year. With the confidence children gain by hearing and doing the familiar, they are ready to take turns in front of the group.

Why is there a limited class size?

In the Suzuki Method world, we build a community of a positive supportive environment where babies and toddlers happily gain skills. Children learn social skills by sharing and taking turns. Parents and children learn each other’s names, journal weekly progress, and talk with the teachers about our observations. This individual attention helps parents and the two registered Suzuki Early Childhood Education teachers nurture each child’s growth.

Suzuki Early Childhood Music

What if I don’t know all the words to the songs and rhymes?

Just follow the teachers or other parents! The Suzuki Early Childhood Education classes are set up for you and your child to share a closeness with each other. Hugs and big smiles are encouraged! If you play the CD at home every day and let your child hear you sing along with the songs and rhymes, you both will become familiar with them. Many of the songs and rhymes may be familiar and trigger memories of your childhood. You will learn them soon!

Will my child be a musical prodigy after these classes?

Your child will build a set of skills which make transitioning to music lessons at a very young age possible, some even as early as age 2 ½ or 3. The bigger goal of Suzuki Early Childhood Education is multifold. We provide an environment in which the child can develop motor, emotional, behavioral, language, and cognitive skills in addition to those of musicality!

Is this a franchise?

The Suzuki Early Childhood Education curriculum is not a franchise. We believe so strongly in the research into the benefit of music classes, that we are happy to see children get any music exposure. However, Suzuki Early Childhood Education classes set the bar for actual interactive instrumental playing for all the children, even the youngest infants. Our Suzuki classes teach musical concepts from infancy on, teach parents about observing detail and progress of their child, provide the highest standard of Suzuki-trained and qualified teachers, and are designed around evidence-based pedagogy.  This is the elite music education program for babies and toddlers that sets your child up for Suzuki instrument classes often by the age of three.

I am thinking about signing up, but can I do a free introductory class first?

Of course, you may take a free Introductory class. Please contact us indicating when you were hoping to attend.  A class is fun to attend but may not reveal the full impact of a Suzuki Education. Please see the description of the Suzuki Early Childhood Classes so that you have a deeper understanding of all the important learning that takes place each week. This  curriculum maintains a unique music environment, unlike other music classes for young children.

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