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Baby and Toddler Classes

  • This is the first Suzuki Early Childhood Education Class available in the Reston area for Baby & Toddler!
  • The new year starts at 10:30 on September 4 at Riverside Church, 21631 Ridgetop Circle, Sterling, VA 20166.
  • You will receive the CD, Lullabies, Action Songs and Rhymes, the Suzuki ECE booklet with lyrics to accompany the CD, and a journal when you pay a one-time $30 registration fee.

Davenport Suzuki ECE toddler baby music

  • Contact us to try out an introductory free class to see what we are about.
  • Babies can attend free through 6 months of age. We want you to see the growth your newborn can make during these early months. Remember, they are like sponges!  The only fee ($30) is for the materials which include the CD to play at home for you and baby to learn by listening! The songs and rhymes are the curriculum.
  • Prenatal parents can attend free.  Babies can hear in the womb! Some studies of newborns reveal that babies who hear one piece of music before they are born may respond by appearing more alert and active when you play that piece after birth.

What to expect at Suzuki Baby and Toddler classes

Parent or caregiver and child enjoy:

  • Singing, dancing, playing real musical instruments such as xylophone, glockenspiel, triangle, rain stick

Suzuki early childhood education music

  • Reciting or singing nursery rhymes, catchy musical rhymes and circle songs,
  • Marching, twirling, counting, taking turns, reading, and listening to great works of classical music.
Suzuki Early Childhood Music violin baby toddler reading

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Watching growth take place:

  • At the end of class, parents take time to reflect and write observations about their own child’s successes that day.
Suzuki Early childhood music babies violin

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  • Because we have two Suzuki ECE teachers at each class, teachers are able to prompt parents about what they observed their child doing that was new and reflected growth.

Read more at What is Suzuki Early Childhood Education?

What is Suzuki Early Childhood Education?

  • The Suzuki Early Childhood music class is unlike any preschool music class you have ever experienced.
  • The structure and positive environment based on the Suzuki philosophy creates an atmosphere in which children learn to be focused, confident, and even prepared for school.
  • Mixed age group classes teach children how to learn and to be leaders in a calm, respectful environment.
  • Classes are kept small so that students all take part, get to know each other, and have fun.
  • Parents play and sing with the Suzuki Early Childhood CD at home daily with their baby or toddler.
  • This preschool music class is based on the 7 principles of the Suzuki Method.
  • What is Suzuki Early Childhood Education?

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Eric Davenport Suzuki Baby Music

What is different about Suzuki Early Childhood Programs?

  • The Suzuki ECE program is not a franchise.  Our teachers are able to follow the lead of each individual child’s growth in skills to add teaching layers to the program through creativity.
  • Suzuki ECE recognizes the importance of parent education, and their teachers seek to develop a partnership with parents to help them to create an enriched learning environment in the home.
  • Suzuki ECE teachers (2 for each class) are trained to foster the baby and toddler’s ability.  Unlike most traditional teachers who use the “teach and move on” approach, often following a curriculum that is calendar driven, Suzuki ECE teachers are able to tailor each class to the children they get to know over time.
  • Both Suzuki ECE teachers in each class assist parents in creating a rich musical environment at home for their babies & toddlers.
  • The baby & toddler class uses a constant curriculum over a three-year period to ensure thorough mastery, another Suzuki principle.

Find out what a Suzuki Early Childhood Class looks like in these videos:

Suzuki ECE

This video is titled, From the First Heartbeat

Davenport Suzuki baby & toddler class

This video is titled, Suzuki Early Childhood Experience 

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