November Recital!

Davenport Suzuki Violin School Recital

Congratulations to all the students from the Davenport Suzuki Violin School on their recital November 16, 2014!  A special acknowledgement goes to Freya, Geo, and Rheechen for their first appearance in a Suzuki violin recital.  Students practice and rehearse a lot to prepare for a recital for family and friends.

Preschool Violin lessons: Rhythm & Language Skills

What is the relationship between rhythm and language?  It seems that young children who have a good sense of rhythm end up having better language skills.  Researchers at Northwestern University found that a preschooler’s ability to tap to a beat may indicate how well he or she  will develop reading skills.

Jessica Love reports that “If you want your baby to have a real shot in life, there’d better be a violin in her hands before she’s three. And like many clichés, there appears to be some truth to the sentiment. Plenty of researchers are convinced that early musical training can pay dividends later in life—and language is often singled out as one of the biggest beneficiaries of these musical forays.”

Love goes on to explain that children who have better rhythm have better language skills.  Not only that, but the children with better sensitivity to rhythm may even have better grammar skills.

Dr. Love is a psycholinguist who has also studied language acquisition in a National Research Service Award postdoc program.