Self-regulation skills & Pre-Twinklers

Children as young as 3 can take Suzuki Pre-Twinkle violin lessons to develop readiness skills for playing the violin.  A sample of the many skills are: listening and attention; stand, focus, and endurance; posture; bow hold, bow control, and tip control.

Pre-Twinkle lessons provide the perfect experience for very young children to develop self-regulation skills which will help them in school. Clancy Blair and others have described these self-regulation skills.  Blair, a Professor of Psychology at the Steinhardt School at New York University, studies self-regulation in young children, specifically how children develop cognitive abilities called executive function and how those abilities make students school ready.

  1. Move or act in a deliberate or purposeful fashion
  2. Adapt successfully to familiar settings
  3. Focus and maintain attention on something
  4. Ignore distractions
  5. Follow requests or instructions
  6. Attempt to regulate others
  7. Create “rules” for a game or play sequence
  8. Inhibit an inappropriate response
  9. Alternately shift your attention and refocus it
  10. Inhibit movement or speech when appropriate
  11. Regulation of emotions in appropriate social interaction
  12. Regulation of attention
  13. Use of strategies in the carrying out of cognitive tasks
  14. Ability to communicate needs, wants, and thoughts in language
  15. Ability to sustain attention
  16. Ability to be curious and enthusiastic when doing new activities
  17. Can inhibit impulsivity and follow directions
  18. Can take turns in speech and/or behavior
  19. Shows sensitivity to others’ feelings, particularly other children
  20. Can keep information in his/her mind when trying to solve a problem
  21. Able to inhibit impulsive responses when formulating and carrying out a response



* Before 3 PM, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday:

30 minute lesson – $215

*Family Discount:

$20 for each child