Josh Bell’s worst video

Ivan Galamian Masterclass – Joshua Bell 1980 – YouTube

This video of Joshua Bell with famous teacher Ivan Galamian has a good lesson for teachers, parents and students. We can learn about persistence from this video. In the footage from the 80‘s Bell looks apathetic and even a little spacey (and what is up with Galamian’s pink polo!?). He makes a lot of mistakes and sounds, well, like a student.



This video shows us that we don’t know what our child is going to turn into. We don’t know what the next week, month or year has in store.

Galamian taught hundreds of students. Not all are famous soloists and many played better than Bell did at the same age.  But only a few years later Joshua was winning competitions and playing with the Philadelphia Orchestra. If we just saw this video, we wouldn’t know this would be one of the great violinists of the 21st century. What changed? He kept at it. He persisted. He made it through some pain and frustration. Maybe he remembered some fun times playing music, maybe he thought of a piece he aspired to play, or a competition he wanted to win.

Not many children will turn out to be world class players, or even professionals. But humans were meant to play music, and humans were meant to overcome outer and inner obstacles. Parents can have bad days but persist. Children can have bad days but persist. Persistence is the key!