Listen Up!

Listening to the reference recordings is the easiest activity a student can do to speed progress. However, it is tough to convince parents of this. Does it sound too simple? The violin is supposed to be hard right? Surely we must struggle with the instrument in hand. Listening to the reference recordings in the car on the way to school is just too easy to be helpful!. Is it too monotonous? I wonder what the morning news sounds like to a 4 year old? Pretty monotonous I bet!  Is it too hard to remember to do? No sympathy here. How many apps are there to help remind people of things.

Whatever the reason for not listening, the facts remain that children who don’t listen progress more slowly. I have seen children who listen and those who don’t listen. The difference is remarkable. Children who don’t listen are guessing what the song sounds like. It’s like trying to put a jigsaw puzzle together without the finished image in front of you. You can probably do it. But it’s going to take a long time and is not going to be nearly as fun. So listen up! The more the better!