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Eric DavenportThe Davenport Suzuki Violin School in Northern Virginia, is located in Reston, Virginia, near the North Point Village Center. Easy access from the surrounding areas of Ashburn, Fairfax, Great Falls, Herndon, and Vienna.

Eric Davenport teaches violin lessons using the Suzuki Method for students of all ages.

There is no better way to start violin lessons than with the Suzuki method.

It is a method for any child, not just the talented.

It is suitable for very young children ages 2 1/2 to 4 years old. The young child has a special readiness for acquiring skills necessary to play the violin.

Eric’s studio is dedicated to creating fine violinists of all ages, 2 1/2 to adult.

Shinichi Suzuki says, “I have pledged that from today on I will not be satisfied until I make every one of my students a fine violinist.”

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For students looking for ways to afford violin lessons, violin scholarships are available through SAGWA: click here.

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Start under the age of 5 for the best results!

Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum

Children will enjoy and benefit from a complete Suzuki experience.

What is the Suzuki Method?

What is the Suzuki Method?

Read about this revolutionary method to learn to play a musical instrument!

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